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Chip in

To chip in means to contribute to some cause or project. You can chip in $5 for an office party or chip in to get a coworker a birthday present. You can chip in with your talents, skills, or expertise; you can also chip in with your opinions during a discussion. In addition, when you… Read more »

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minute (adj)

1. He has to work late, but he said there was a minute possibility he might be able to leave early.2. He doesn’t buy lottery tickets because the chances of winning are so minute.3. Food labels now inform consumers if even minute amounts of nuts are found in the products since many people are allergic… Read more »

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New price! Only 99 cents!

The small guide To Improving Your English (pdf version) has been marked down!Download it now for only $0.99!  A great handy grammar reference for study, review, and practice.Master the verb tenses, conditionals, and modals. Get your own copy for your computer! Thank you and Good luck!

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TT4BS – the m sound

In this edition of TongueTwisting4BetterSpeech, we are practicing the m sound. Click the red speaker icon below when you’re ready, and let’s practice making this sound.First, let’s repeat the following words:more, mint, miss, mail, moss home, roam, foam, tome, yummy mom, memory, ma’am, madam, MemphisNow, read the tongue twister slowly first, then faster as you get used… Read more »

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Tongue twisters now at the small guide site!

We recently rearranged our design at the small guide site and added tongue twisters with audio! We’re starting with 8 sounds with more on the way. If you’d like to see a particular sound first, just head to our new Exercises page and fill out the quick form. Alternatively, you can email me at Also new… Read more »

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You know the drill.

I’ve used this expression here and at the small guide site at least a few times, so I’m sure you have an idea of what it means. This idiom basically says, “You know what to do.” We use it to tell people that they’ve done the activity before and that you expect them to do… Read more »

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set foot

To set foot in a place is simply to enter or to put yourself in that place. We can set foot more or less anywhere. like this: 1. Once you’ve set foot on that island, you’ll never want to leave. 2. He said he would never set foot in that store again after being treated horribly…. Read more »

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G2R – the second conditional part 3

In part 1 of our Grammar2Remember lesson on the second conditional (Feb 4, 2011), we covered the basics of this unreal conditional and talked about its structure and meaning:If I were the President, I would build a better train system.If he were poor, he wouldn’t be able to buy that Ferrari.If she had some extra… Read more »