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The small guide site is an online resource for English learners.
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My name is Joe Yu, and I created the small guide site in 2009 to
help market my
English grammar booklet, The small guide To
Improving Your
English. Today, I continue to maintain, design,
and write lessons on the site. I am currently creating more
lessons and moving posts from our old blog sites to give you
more vocabulary, grammar, and exercises to study and practice.

OUR MISSION here at the small guide site is to be your go-to
online resource for
English learning and to provide you with a
wide variety of lessons, exercises, and tips to help you
your English
. Whatever level you are in your English, we hope
you find something to learn, review, and practice every time you
stop by and visit.
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As for my booklet, The small guide To Improving Your English, look
out for an updated edition in the near future with more
grammar, examples, and chances for you to practice and
improve your English!

Good luck, and don't be a stranger!
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