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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

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throw in the towel
follow suit
a scorcher
once in a blue moon

Autumn arrives. (episode 10)

It's now October, and the autumn chill has settled in our area. The leaves have begun to turn colors, and some trees around town are starting to show bits of yellow and red. It's often _______, which with the cold air makes it feel like it's going to snow soon. We had a rough summer in the Midwest with a couple of heat waves. Just last week, we had _______ or two. So the fall weather is definitely a welcome change.

As the Halloween decorations emerge in our neighborhood, we learn that John & Tabitha have set the date of their _______. They've decided on a June wedding. Everyone's _______about it. John's parents will be flying in from Montreal. They're not too _______ traveling and only do so _______. They'll miss the birth of their first grandchild in a couple of months, but they'll get to meet the baby when it's 6 months old. That is if John & Tabitha don't go up to see them before then. Tabitha's parents will also be flying in from New York.

With 2012 slowly winding down, our other neighbor Ted is seriously contemplating _______ at his job. Like John in the past, he makes a good living, but he's also starting to think that the stress is not worth the _______ income. He noticed the almost-immediate change in John once he quit his highly stressful job, and is considering _______. He's always been interested in web design and has dabbled in it since college. If he does leave his current administrative position, he'll probably take some courses and consider starting his own business. It totally seems like a step in the right direction for him, and most of us think it's a good idea.

Here's a quick dialog you can
down the last time he used it. Instead of
buying a new one now in early autumn, he
decided to call his neighbor
Ted to ask if
he could use his lawn mower for the day.
Ted was only happy to lend it to Jack,
who is now walking to
Ted's house to pick
it up.

Ted: Hi, Jack! How's it going?

Jack: Good, thanks! I really appreciate this.
I'd just rather buy a new one in the spring,
you know.

Ted: Yeah! It doesn't make sense to buy
one now. Plus, the stores will have all kinds
of sales for lawn mowers right before

Jack: Exactly. I'm actually thinking of
getting one of those old-style grass cutters
without an engine.

Ted: Oh, those are called reel mowers. I'm
actually thinking of getting one of those,

Jack: Really? It seems like they require a
lot of work, but they're definitely good for
the environment.

Ted: I hear they're not that bad. You'll
probably get a good exercise using them,
but I hear the good ones run pretty

Jack: Yeah? That's good to know.

Ted: Yup. Well, come on back. It's right
behind the garage.

Jack: Alright. Thanks. I'll get it back to you
in a few hours.

Ted: There's no hurry. You can keep it
longer if you need to.

Jack: Ok, thanks. I may need to, actually.
autumn leaves