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on tap
a cinch
be fond of
gear up
take on
run the gamut

The Trip to Chicago

Overall, the trip to Chicago was nice and relaxing despite the weather, which _______. It rained; it snowed; it sleeted. We'd heard they were having a nice stretch of beautiful weather, so we didn't even bring umbrellas, but it rained cats and dogs as we drove into the city. We had a lot of things _______ for the first day there, but we ended up staying in because of the downpour. One day, we were out shopping when we got caught in the rain and got _______ as we ran back to the hotel.

At home, Mike and Tammy were _______ to visit their son, Jeremy, in New York. Unfortunately, Jeremy _______ a huge project at his internship, so he won't be able to hang out with his parents, who will have to navigate the city on their own. Tammy, especially, had an _______ need to visit their son, so they decided to go anyway.

They've been to New York a few times. One of them _______ visiting the city, while the other one isn't. Mike thinks navigating the subway is _______, while Tammy prefers taking a taxi. New York City is beautiful this time of year. The weather will be perfect, so we're sure they will have a nice time.

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Here's a quick dialog you can practice with
a friend.

Jake and Kate just walked into their hotel room
in Chicago completely DRENCHED (
soaked; very
) from the rain.

Jake: Ok, I'll go after you. I'm going to call Mike
to see how things are at home. They're supposed
to leave for New York tomorrow.

Kate: Oh, that's right. Tell them to have a good

Jake: I'm sure they will. New York is beautiful this
time of year.

Kate: That's what we thought of Chicago, too,
until we got here.

Jake: Ha ha. That's right. Well, I'll tell them to
bring their umbrellas just in case.

Kate: Good idea. And tell them we'll keep an eye
on their place while they're away.

Jake: Alright, I'll tell them to leave a set of keys
with Ted or John if they want us to take care of
the mail or something.

Kate: Sounds good. Alright, I'm going in the
shower. You should take off your clothes. They're
soaking wet; you're going to get sick.

Jake: I'll take them off; don't worry. Have you
seen my phone?

Kate: Yeah. You put it in my bag, remember?

Jake: That's right. Thanks.