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Welcome to our Giveaways page!

You may download these greeting cards and grammar
. Print out as many as you want and give them out.
BE MINDFUL OF (think about) the environment.

greeting cards feature the coolest idioms and some
vocabulary. They are blank inside, so you can write your
own funny, encouraging, or poetic messages. They come
two versions. Read the instructions below to find out
which one you'd prefer.

grammar card has some verb tenses and the
conditionals. It has two pages. Print them double-sided
(back to back) and use them as bookmarks. One page
yields four cards, so you can keep one or two and give
out the others.
greeting cards with English idioms and English grammar card
Instructions (greeting cards):

Version 1 is for regular paper stock. It has one greeting card
per page. After you print, fold the paper twice (crosswise first,
then again in half).

Version 2 is for card stock. It has two greeting cards per
page. After you print, cut the card crosswise, then fold each

Note: If you're printing version 2, scoring can help you
make a clean fold, especially for thicker cards.

1. Mark the top and bottom points of your fold. (You can do this
by measuring or by simply folding and pinching the top and
bottom ends of the fold.)
2. Line up the top and bottom (pinched) marks with a straight
edge (a ruler).
3. Run a dull edge (another ruler) along the straight edge.
This should make it easier to make a clean fold and a
nice-looking greeting card.
Help yourselves. They're free!

Keep up with your English!
Version 1 (for paper stock)
Version 2 (for card stock)

Break a leg!
Version 1
Version 2

You can do it!
Version 1
Version 2

Grammar card