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RUFFLING SOMEONE'S FEATHERS means to upset others, bother them, or make them
angry. Here are some examples:

  1. She didn't want to RUFFLE any FEATHERS at the meeting, so she decided not to
    voice her opinion.
she isn't. She must have RUFFLED some FEATHERS.
  1. Keep your liberal views to yourself if you don't want to RUFFLE anyone's FEATHERS
    at this party.
  2. The fight broke out because Tom couldn't stop complaining and eventually said
    some things that RUFFLED some FEATHERS.
  3. Are you usually careful not to RUFFLE FEATHERS at work?

VOICE one's opinion - tell others your opinion
KEEP something TO YOURSELF - don't tell anyone
BREAK OUT - start (usually used with fights & arguments)
ONCE IN A WHILE - sometimes
Ruffling feathers
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