Are you ready for another pronunciation lesson?

First of all, thanks for all the lesson requests that
you've been sending. I'll slowly put them together
one by one as I find some time. So keep them

Just one request though from me. Please include
one or two sample words with your requests. It
just makes it clear which sound you want to

Now for our lesson, this sound,
/α/, is just like
the sound you make when you're at the doctor's
office and the doctor tells you to open your mouth
and say "ahh". So "ahh."

First, let's focus on the words in the tongue
twisters with the
/α/ sound. I will go slow, but
feel free to pause, repeat, and move the slider

(Repeat to practice. You can move the slider back
on the player to listen to it again.)

Now, let's practice these tongue twisters. I'll say
each sentence twice, and again feel free to pause
and repeat.

Alright, folks. You know what you need to do:
keep practicing. Remember, once is never enough.

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  1. Tom watched John wash the hot pot on the spot.
  2. Don nodded to John who plotted to con Tom and Ron.
  3. Sit on the cot by the dock, Mr. Bond, and stay calm.
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