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Nice job! Yes, B is the correct answer!
Scroll down for a quick explanation.
The correct way to turn the sentence "He likes ice cream." into a negative
sentence is by using the auxiliary verb "
DOES" because the sentence is in the
simple present tense and in the third person (He) and by adding "

likes ice cream.  -->  He DOES NOT like ice cream.

How proficient (good) are you at forming negative sentences in English? If you
need to review or practice, check out my latest blog lesson on this topic.

Can you convert the following sentences to negative sentences? Try it, then go
to the blog lesson to check your answers!

  1. He goes to school.
  2. She studies economics.
  3. They had an argument.
  4. They are having an argument.
  5. They have an argument every weekend.
  6. They have been married for 5 years.
  7. It was raining.
  8. She forgot her umbrella.
  9. She had a lot on her mind.
  10. He can buy her a new one.

    Thanks for taking the quiz! I hope you found it useful. :-)

    Joe, the small English guide
What is the correct way to make the following sentence negative?
He likes ice cream.
A. He no likes ice cream.
B. He doesn't like ice cream.
C. He doesn't likes ice cream.
D. He isn't like ice cream.
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