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Keep it under wraps
Screw something up
Make the cut
Has a thing for
Come in handy
When it comes to
Come to think of it

Happy New Year! (episode 6)

We had an awesome New Year's Eve party. Our neighbor, John, found a new job, then he got engaged. When we heard about it, we thought we definitely wanted to celebrate with him, so we decided to surprise him and his fiancee at our neighborhood party. People on our street love a nice surprise, and everyone did a great job _____.

My wife and I found the perfect present: a nice table-top fountain with frogs in it. You see, John _____ frogs. His place has all kinds of frogs from paper weights to refrigerator magnets; you name it. Whenever he's out walking, _____ at the mall or at some street fair, he's always on the lookout for frogs. Apparently, his fiancee, who's a zoologist, either doesn't mind or actually likes frogs, as well. I think they'll definitely like the gift.

The party was going to be at the Boom's, Mike and Tammy's place, but their kitchen renovation was running behind schedule--I heard Mike _____--so we ended up having it at John's house, which was perfect since the party was for him, too.

Tammy made her chicken-tuna casserole, which she submitted to a cooking contest. Unfortunately, it didn't _____ for the final round. _____ entering contests, she's a total pro, and she definitely knows where to find them. She's won a few of them, too. _____, a couple of years ago, she won $500 for a recipe that was also printed in a cooking magazine. Even when she doesn't win, her original concoctions always _____ at one of our neighborhood parties. So, we like it when she enters cooking contests.

So we were counting down to 2011; John and Tabitha, his fiancee, had no idea we were also celebrating their engagement. When the clock struck midnight, everyone yelled "Happy New Year!" Then after everyone had their midnight kisses and hugs, we all turned to John and Tabitha and shouted, "Congratulations!" You should have seen their faces. It was great.
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loud. Have fun!

Jake & Kate just got home after a great
time at their neighborhood New Year's Eve
party. They're talking about how much fun
it was.

Jake: Wow. That was an awesome party.

Kate: I'm glad we thought about surprising
John and Tabitha. Did you see their faces
when we yelled surprise?

Jake: Oh yeah. That was priceless.

she'll FIT RIGHT IN here on our street.

Jake: Yeah, she seems nice. I spoke to
her a little bit.

Kate: What did you think of Tammy's
chicken-tuna casserole?

Jake: It was really good, and so was her
homemade chocolate ice cream cake.

Kate: I wish we could have more of these
neighborhood parties. They're a lot of work
to plan, but they're so much fun. Everyone
always HAS A BLAST.

Jake: Well, it'll be Memorial Day before we
know it, and ...

Kate: True. We'll have to start planning the
block barbecue before long.

Jake: Alright, HOLD YOUR HORSES. May is
still 5 months away.

FIT RIGHT IN - belong; feel comfortable,
get along well with everyone

HAVE A BLAST - enjoy; have fun

HOLD YOUR HORSES - calm down; don't
get too excited
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