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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

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no wonder
pull it off
pet peeve
take someone's mind off things
it's high time
not someone's cup of tea
under the weather
leaving it up to someone

Vegas it is! (episode 2)

In the end, we decided to go to Las Vegas. We'll spend three days there; we'll rent a car, drive to the Grand Canyon and spend another three days in and around the National Park. Actually, _____ we went; I've told the kids how different and breathtaking the area is. Besides, we've been so stressed out at work that we think it's the perfect place to go to _____.

We wanted to invite our friends Jim and Linda, but Linda says she's been to Vegas before and that it's just _____. Gambling, they say, is a major _____ of theirs. We're probably not going to do any gambling either, but I think someone close to them has a gambling addiction, so it's kind of personal. We didn't want to push them.

Our daughter, Sarah, says she's old enough to pack her own little suitcase, and she says she can also help her little sister Amy pack her bag, so we're _____. Of course, we'll make sure they both pack the essentials.

We just found out that Ted, our next-door neighbor, is feeling _____. It's probably the flu, so we may ask our other neighbor, John, to also look after our house while we're away. We've been a little worried about Ted. _____ he didn't show up at Mike and Tammy's party last weekend. The party was a lot of fun. It was a birthday surprise for Jeremy, their 18-year-old son. They _____ really well. Jeremy had absolutely no idea. They invited his friends and teachers and hid them in one room until he came home from work, and then ... Surprise! It was great.
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Grab a friend & practice the following
dialog together.

Desert Southwest. They're leaving the next day.

Katy: Sarah's making sure Amy doesn't forget
her toothbrush, and Amy's making sure Sarah
doesn't forget her swimsuit.

Jake: Oh, that's what I need! My swimming
trunks! I knew I was forgetting something.

Katy: I'm glad you got A GOOD DEAL on that

Jake: I know; we really LUCKED OUT. It's just a
family-friendly place.

Katy: Yeah, it looks like a nice place to rest
after a day of walking around. I think the kids
will love it.

Jake: They're going to love the whole trip--THE
VEGAS STRIP, the Hoover Dam, the Grand
Canyon, Sedona; they'll even love being in the
car for hours.

Katy: Alright. Don't GET CARRIED AWAY now. We
still need to think of ways to entertain those two
on the drive to the Grand Canyon.

Jake: Everything's going to be so different;
they're going to enjoy just looking out the

Katy: Well, I hope you're right. Alright, I'm
going to go TUCK the girls IN and make sure
they're done packing.

Jake: Alright. I'm pretty much done here. I'm
going to walk over to John's and give him the
SPARE key.

Katy: Tell him I said hi and thanks.

Jake: Will do.

A GOOD DEAL - a good, reasonable price

LUCKED OUT - get lucky

THE STRIP - the main street in Las Vegas with
all its attractions

GET CARRIED AWAY - think or do too much

TUCK someone IN - put someone to bed; put
under the covers  
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