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You probably know that the word "ditch" as a noun
means a place usually by the side of the road where
excess water can flow.
[His car ran off the road and into a
ditch.] However, do you know what it means when
people tell you to
ditch a place or ditch your phone?

Well, the verb 'to
DITCH' is actually related to the
noun. It means to leave someone or something behind
(by the side of the road, so to speak). You can actually
ditch anything or anyone anywhere. You can ditch
your umbrella if you don't need it anymore; you can
ditch your plans if something unexpected comes up;
you can even
ditch people you don't like at the mall.
Have you heard anyone use this word before? Because
it's slang, it's best not to use this word in an academic
essay, but it's fine to use it in any informal speech or

  • Let's ditch all our plans for the day and stay home,
    instead. I'm exhausted.
  • She ditched her friends at the party when she met a
    guy she liked.
  • He ditched his umbrella when it stopped raining. He
    didn't want to carry it around.
  • They're ready to ditch their extravagant lifestyle and
    start living simply and frugally.
  • We hear they're ditching meat and becoming

One thing to keep in mind is that ditching something
does not necessarily mean throwing it away.
something usually just means leaving it or stop using or
being involved in it.

There you are, folks. Have you stopped using anything
lately? Perhaps you
ditched your computer or ditched
your phone on your last vacation, so you can completely
unplug. Perhaps you
ditched your doctor when you
found a better one. If you are flexible, you can probably
ditch your plans or your itinerary when you find
something better to do.

To be honest, I'm not familiar with the company on this
subway ad, but the idea of
ditching the office definitely
caught my attention. I would love to be able to work
wherever and whenever I want. Indeed, in this day and
age, anyone who wants to should be able to do it. What
do you think? Would you be happy to
ditch your office?

Well, if this is a new word for you, I hope you start using it.
Thanks for using thesmallguidesite. Catch you later!
Let's DITCH it.