I look forward to weekends because I get to TAKE A
and simply take it easy. I take my time and
move at a much slower
pace. During the week, I TAKE A
LOAD OFF by sitting down to a cup of tea between jobs or
treating myself to a nice bowl of ramen (Japanese noodle
soup), which is perfect on cold, wintry days.

  • GET TO - able to
  • TAKE A LOAD OFF - take a break; relax
  • TAKE IT EASY - relax; calm down
  • TAKE MY TIME - not hurry; not be in a rush
  • PACE - speed
  • TREAT YOURSELF - give yourself something you like or enjoy

You can TAKE A LOAD OFF at the end of the day. You can TAKE A LOAD OFF and go on
vacation. You can even TAKE A LOAD OFF for just a few minutes to
catch your breath
take a breather. Some people TAKE A LOAD OFF by sitting in front of the TV. Others
TAKE A LOAD OFF with a glass of wine; still others TAKE A LOAD OFF by having dinner
out with friends. I sometimes TAKE A LOAD OFF by watching movies or doing some
writing. How about you? How do you TAKE A LOAD OFF?

  • TAKE A BREATHER - take a quick break/rest
How do you take a load off?
This subway ad says the company can pick up your load of laundry, so you can TAKE

Here are some examples of how this idiom is used.
    1.  Maria, you've been working so hard. Why don't you TAKE A LOAD OFF?
    2.  Tell Paul to TAKE A LOAD OFF; he's so stressed these days.
    3.  Were you looking for us? We were just in the break room, TAKING A LOAD
    4.  Tom, you really should TAKE A LOAD OFF. Why don't you ask us for help if
    you need it?
    5.  I already TOOK A LOAD OFF; now, I'm ready to get back to work.

  • WHY DON'T YOU - you should

Alright, folks! I hope you all get some time to take a load off.

Take care, and good luck!
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