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The phrasal verb wear out means to overuse
something or use something for a long time that it
starts to show signs of
wear and tear. This means the
item may be falling apart or have holes because it's
been used so much.

  • WEAR and TEAR - evidence that an item has been used a lot.

This verb is often used with shoes and clothes, but we can wear out pretty much
anything, including bags, wallets, strollers, etc. In addition, we can also
our bodies, and when we do so, it's usually time to rest or take a vacation.

This phrasal verb is always used with an object, and the object can be a
reflexive pronoun. (Note that reflexive pronouns are used when the subject and
the object are the same person or thing.)

    Here are some examples:
  1. She wore herself out.
  2. He wears himself out whenever he helps his friends.
  3. The kids wore themselves out yesterday and slept well last night.
  4. The kids wore out their parents with their running around.
  5. I used the same pair of boots traveling for a whole month, and I wore them

Like a lot of verbs, the past participle of wear out can be used as an adjective,
and as in the verb form, it can mean something is overused or someone is very
tired or exhausted.

The following are examples of "
worn out" used as adjectives, and because these
are adjectives, they are usually used with the verb "
to be" in a sentence.
  1. Our boots were worn out after a week of hiking.
  2. I need a new wallet. This one's worn out.
  3. I've been working since 5 this morning. I'm worn out.
  4. Why don't you take a break. We can tell you're worn out
  5. I'm so worn out I'm sure I'll sleep like a log tonight.

  • SLEEP LIKE A LOG - sleep very well (also, SLEEP LIKE A BABY)

WIPED OUT is a synonym of WORN OUT but only to mean to make someone
tired or be tired. It cannot mean something that has been used a long time and
is showing
wear and tear.
  • I'm so wiped out. I'm going straight to bed when I get home.
  • We had a busy day, and it wiped us out. We're ready for bed.

All right, folks. I hope you don't
wear yourselves out whatever you are doing
these days. If you find yourselves
worn out, I hope you take a break!

Good luck!
Joe, the small guide
Do you still wear clothes that are
worn out?