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  1. Church bells chimed one chilly Tuesday in March.
  2. Mitch chose and chased after mature chickens to butcher.
  3. Chad scratched his itchy chin as he chucked old cheese in batches.
Hello, everyone

Here I am, back with tongue twisters for the small guide site. Thank you for clicking. Remember to exaggerate and
take it slow when you practice, especially if this sound is hard for you to make.

For this sound, you sort of pucker your lips, as if you're going to kiss someone and keep your upper and lower
teeth together. "ch" Listen and duplicate the sound.

First, let's focus on the words with the sound that we want to practice.

(Repeat to practice. You can move the slider back on the player to listen to it again.)
Next, we're going to speak the tongue twisters slowly.

Now, we're going to practice each tongue twister three times at normal speed.

There you have it, folks. Remember, practice makes perfect, and once is never enough, so do it multiple times so
you get used to making the sound perfectly and with ease.

This is Joe. Keep practicing! See you around the small guide site!