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Halloween has always been a spooky holiday where people put up creepy decorations and wear scary costumes. When you think of Halloween, you think skeletons & vampires & haunted houses & witches flying in the dark. People get pumpkins and carve Jack ‘o lanterns that are supposed to give passersby chills, right?
  • SPOOKY, CREEPY – scary
  • HAUNTED – a place that has ghosts
  • JACK ‘O LANTERN – a pumpkin that is hollowed out, carved, and lit to look scary
  • PASSERSBY – people passing/walking by
  • GIVE someone CHILLS – scare someone; give someone goosebumps


So, I was a bit confused when I noticed that the thing to do on Halloween now is to paint pumpkins cute little faces. 😐 I’ve seen similar displays at a few supermarkets, and I’ve also come across an article online that gave tips on how to go about painting pumpkins this way. Huh?

Of course, we’ve always had creative costumes that are more clever than spooky, but is Halloween no longer about hair-raising ghost stories or blood-covered zombie costumes? Is the Jack ‘o lantern now a cute, colorful arts-and-craft project and no longer the frightful glowing image at people’s front steps?
  • CLEVER – smart
  • HAIR-RAISING – scary
  • GLOWING – burning, shining
I wonder if this is going to be permanent, which means the terrifying side of Halloween will soon be a thing of the past, or if it is just a fad? I guess I never really thought I’d miss the scary side of Halloween as I’ve never really been a huge fan of it in the first place until I started to sense that it may completely change soon. 😐
  • TERRIFYING – scary
  • A FAD – something that is popular for a short period of time
What do you all think?
In any case, have a fun, safe Halloween, everyone!

Written by Joe, the small English guide

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