Pasta dish for English vocabulary lesson

What are you having for Thanksgiving dinner other than turkey and mashed potatoes?

It’s Thanksgiving once again! I wish you all a day of fun, great food, quality time with family and friends, and plenty of things to be grateful for. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, you will most likely pig out on a huge meal with some fantastic desserts. You will probably have seconds. You will be so stuffed you can barely move, and there will be plenty of leftover turkey and stuffing to finish the next week or so. These in themselves are plenty to be thankful for. 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  • PIG OUT  (eat a lot)
  • HAVE SECONDS  (have more food)
  • STUFFED (very full)
  • LEFTOVERS (extra food that wasn’t eaten)
  • OR SO (approximately)

Written by Joe, the small English guide

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