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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

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right off the bat
cut out to do something
take someone up on his or her offer
get on someone's nerves
I'm all about something
show someone the ropes
get back into the swing of things
on the verge of

At the Grand Canyon (episode 4)

We had a great day at Grand Canyon National Park. _____ the great outdoors, so I love the Desert Southwest--its mountains and rock formations and reddish soil--and I'm sure I'm _____ a park ranger, especially in the Grand Canyon, where I can sit anywhere and stare for hours. I was definitely glad to be back, and my wife and I were happy to show the area to our kids. We basically stayed on the South Rim. We took the park shuttle and got off at different spots to enjoy the view. An older couple on the shuttle with us kept offering to take our picture, so we eventually _____. They did a great job. They were from Gaithersburg, Maryland. We told them we were from St. Louis, Missouri. They said an old neighbor of theirs moved to the St. Louis area a year ago, but they couldn't remember exactly where _____.

Back in St. Louis, our neighbors Ted and John were feeling better and immediately _____. John finally decided to put in his resignation. He's had it with the stress, and everything about the job has been _____. He said at times it felt like he was _____ a nervous breakdown, so he thought it would be best to leave. He's going to start training his replacement and _____ next week. We're happy for him, and we hope he finds another job in the area so he won't have to go back to Canada. We want to keep him in the neighborhood.
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following dialog. If you don't have a friend
near you right now, you should talk to yourself.
Jake and Kate are talking about their day at
the Grand Canyon, as well as the latest news
about their neighbors back in St. Louis.

Jake: So how did the photos the couple took of
us turn out?

Kate: Oh, they turned out really nice. He even
included a nice view of the Grand Canyon in the

Jake: Cool. He must have been some kind of a

Kate: They were really nice, weren't they? Wish
we had gotten their information, so we could
contact them if we ever HEADED east on vacation.

Jake: I got their names, so we might be able to
find them on Facebook.

Kate: So you spoke to Ted on the phone? How's
everything at home?

Jake: Really good! Both Ted and John were
feeling much better, and Ted said John had

Kate: Well, IT'S ABOUT TIME he did! All that
stress he had to DEAL WITH just wasn't worth it.

Jake: He probably realized it wasn't good for his
health. Let's just hope he finds a new job quickly.

Kate: I think he will. But you're right; we don't
want him to end up moving back to Canada. We'll

Jake: Wow. The kids are FAST ASLEEP already.

Kate: Yup. All that activity WORE THEM OUT,
which is good because they need the energy for
Sedona tomorrow.

HEAD east - go east
TURN IN - submit
RESIGNATION - notice to leave a job
IT'S ABOUT TIME - finally
DEAL WITH - manage, face, handle
KEEP ONE'S FINGERS CROSSED - (a superstition)
something you say if you want something to
happen or to keep something from happening
FAST ASLEEP - sleeping soundly
WEAR SOMEONE OUT - exhaust, tire someone
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