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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

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go overboard
pick up the tab
might as well
run out of
up in the air
treat someone to something
blow someone away

A Family Vacation (episode 1)

Our vacation is still completely _____ right now since I'm still not sure if I can get some time off from work. Also, we're still deciding between Vegas and Vancouver. If we do go to Vegas, I think we _____ visit the Grand Canyon since it's only a day trip away. The last time I was there, the views completely _____ and I want the kids to see them.

We definitely don't want to _____ on our spending, so we'll probably look for a reasonably priced hotel. On the other hand, we do want to _____ some nice accomodations with at least a pool and tennis courts. We've been working hard, and the kids have done really well in school this year.

Sarah, our eldest, who's 7, said she'll _____ at lunch. But it can't be anywhere too expensive. She's been saving her change. So if we go out to lunch, _____ to McDonalds, she can get us all hamburgers and fries. She said she'll pay for lunch until she _____ her savings. We want her to save some of the money, so we're trying to get her to put at least half of it in the bank. But we want her to have some fun, as well.
Practice the following dialog with a

Jake, the narrator of the story on the left,
talks with his wife
Katy about possible plans
to go on vacation.

Katy: So are you getting some time off at
work next month?

Jake: I'm still not sure. It depends on how
fast we'll finish this project we're doing.

Katy: I'm kind of leaning towards Vegas and
the Grand Canyon for our vacation.

Jake: Me too. We can always go to Vancouver
next time.

Katy: I think I'll start looking for hotels in
Vegas and see what's available.

Jake: Alright, but nothing too PRICEY. We still
need to watch our budget.

Katy: Ok. See if you can find out about
getting some time off soon, so we can start
making plans. The kids are LOOKING
FORWARD TO going away for the summer.

Jake: I know. Sarah told me she has $20.28
saved up for the trip.

Katy: It would be nice if they could visit the
place before they started talking about it in
school. Maybe you could get someone to
COVER for you at work.

Jake: Alright. That'll be tough, but I'll see
what I can do.

PRICEY - expensive

LOOKING FORWARD TO + gerund - can't wait
to do something.

COVER for someone - work in place of
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