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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

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for good
come down with something
hard to come by
spread oneself too thin
when it comes to something
up for something
just about
come in handy

From Vegas to the Grand Canyon (episode 3)

Three days into our trip and we were ready to drive to the Grand Canyon. _____ planning a travel itinerary, my wife, Katy, is an expert, so she mapped out our route and searched for places to stay. We took along one laptop, which _____ when it came time to look for hotels near the National Park. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that hotels close to the Grand Canyon were actually _____, so we decided to book a room in Flagstaff, a town about an hour away.

Everything worked out great. We had an excellent time in Vegas, walking up and down the Strip and checking out the different hotels. After three days there, however, we were definitely _____ a change in scenery. We had fun in Vegas, but it was nice to hit the road and see the desert. The views were amazing. We stopped by the Hoover Dam, which was impressive, and spent a couple of hours there. We finally arrived at our hotel in Flagstaff in the early evening _____ time for dinner.

We gave our neighbor, John, a call that night to check on the house. We learned that he also _____ and was sick in bed. He had been working hard and had apparently _____. Lately, he's been talking about leaving his stressful job and moving back home to Canada _____, but we've been convincing him to stay and to look for another job in our area. He's a great neighbor, after all. In the meantime, he's enlisted Jeremy, Mike and Tammy's son, to watch our house. It seems like everything's under control on the homefront.
Now grab a friend, and practice the
following dialog. Have fun!

The family, Jake, Katy, and their kids Sarah
and Amy, is on their way to Arizona from Las
Vegas, Nevada.
Jake is driving.

Katy: Look out! You almost hit a CARCASS.

Jake: I know. What kind of animal was that?

Katy: It looked like a small deer--poor thing.
It must have been trying to cross the highway.
... I really love the scenery here. The blue sky
and the red earth somehow just go well

Jake: I know. We can PULL OVER somewhere
and take some pictures.

Katy: That would be nice, but let's do it later.
The kids are sleeping right now.

Jake: LIKE A LOG! That's why it's been quiet.
They must be WORN OUT after all their
running around in Vegas.

Katy: ... and they're going to need more
energy for the Grand Canyon tomorrow. We're
going to be doing a lot of walking.

Jake: That's right. ... Actually, honey?

Katy: Yup?

Jake: I feel like I'm RUNNING OUT OF energy,

Katy: Alright, pull over and I'll GRAB THE
WHEEL. I don't want you to start NODDING OFF.

Jake: Thanks. Just for 30 minutes OR SO.

CARCASS - a dead animal

PULL OVER - drive to the side of the road and

SLEEPING LIKE A LOG - sleeping soundly or
very well

WORN OUT - exhausted; very tired

RUN OUT OF something - nothing left of


NOD OFF - falling asleep while doing

30 minutes
OR SO - approximately 30 mins.
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