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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

You can hover your mouse pointer over each word or phrase to get a quick definition, and you can hover over each blank to check your answers. Good luck!

Cut me some slack.
up for it
I've got to hand it to her.
Way to go!
That's a no-no.
That's a must.
Tell me about it.
Knock yourself out.

Back in St. Louis (episode 5)

We got back in St. Louis last night. The flight from Las Vegas wasn't bad. The plane was almost empty, so we asked the flight attendant if we could spread out to the empty seats near us so we could lie down.

"_____," she said. "Just don't make too much noise and bother the other passengers."

"Ok, thanks," we said, grinning and looking at all the empty seats around us. "... and you can't go to first class," she added. "_____."

My wife and I stretched our legs across the middle three seats, and Sarah and Amy lay down on the window seats on either side of us. I think we all got some shut-eye during the flight and landed in St. Louis feeling somewhat rested.

Our neighbor, John, picked us up at the airport. He told us the latest news at his job and how he's been showing his replacement the ropes.

"_____!" we told him again for putting in his resignation.

He said he hadn't found a new job yet and was getting a little concerned. We told him not to worry and that he will surely find work before long.

"Focus on the huge weight off your shoulders," we told him. "That must feel good."

"_____," he said. "It definitely feels fantastic."

He asked about the rest of our trip, so we told him we went to Sedona. Everyone there told us that visiting it _____. It's a small town nestled in some breathtaking scenery and with some beautiful rock formations about 40 minutes from Flagstaff, where we were staying. There were a lot of outdoor activities in the area, but we were all _____ some horseback riding, so that's what we did. It was Sarah's and Amy's first time going horseback riding. Each of them rode with a guide. _____; they were excellent on horseback. They weren't scared of the huge animal, and they both had fun.

On the drive back to Las Vegas, where we caught our flight to St. Louis, Sarah and Amy got into a fight in the backseat. We tried to calm them down, and the next thing I knew, we were getting pulled over. I had been going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit without realizing it. Luckily, the highway patrolman _____. He just gave me a warning and told me to slow down. He must have noticed the screaming kids in the backseat.

It turned out to be a nice vacation, but it's nice to be back. It's too bad we're back to work on Monday.
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