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Fill in the blanks with the following vocabulary words and phrases:

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cave in
be off to somewhere
break a sweat
break out

Housesitting for Jim and Linda (episode 8)

Jim and Linda, our neighbors two doors down, decided to take their kids to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. They took off last week. Mike and Tammy's 18-year-old son, Jeremy, who usually housesits for them while they're on vacation, _____ New York City for an internship, so we offered to keep an eye on the house.

However, as it turns out, we also decided to go on our own trip at the last minute. We're leaving for Chicago next week. We've both been _____ at work, so we decided we needed some _____. ... or to put it another way, I basically _____ to my wife's request to get away; she's been talking about it for weeks. But it's all good. The kids are at their grandparents'. I actually just finished a project at work that was a huge _____, so I thought some time off would definitely do me some good, as well.

To get ready for the trip, I thought I should cut our grass, as well as Jim and Tammy's, so I _____ the lawn mower for the first time this season and spent a few hours getting the job done. I usually think mowing the lawn is such a _____, but it was a beautiful day, and I was looking forward to our week-long getaway, so I didn't mind doing the work. And since it wasn't so warm, I don't think I even _____. Well, maybe just a little.

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Kate is getting ready to go on an errand and
Jake putting on his shoes, looking like he
is about to start doing something.

Kate: What are you up to?

Jake: I'm going to go cut the grass.

Kate: Oh yeah? That's a good idea. Are you
doing Jim and Linda's, too.

Jake: Yeah. I'll do ours first, then I'll do theirs.

Kate: Alrighty. Have fun! I'm off to Shop 'n Save
to get us some munchies for the trip.

Jake: OK. See you later.

Kate: Do you want anything from the store?

Jake: Actually, yeah. Can you get me some

Kate: Sure. What kind?

Jake: Some Kit Kat or some Toblerone; just
something for the road.

Kate: Okie doke. I'll see you in a little bit.

Jake: Later.